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We believe in conversation.

The art of conversation is the art of hearing as well as of being heard.
-William Hazlitt – English Essayist.

This page exactly focuses on two way conversation at a periodical interval.
We will keep updating you with the progress of centenary celebration and we will be too happy to hear from you, if you wish to share something interesting on Rafi Sahab. You are invited to share using mail and we will publish the article with writer’s name & location, after due moderating, if found authentic.

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May 24 , 2024

Voice of the Millennium

Choicest solos and duets of Mohammed Rafi and portrays the richness of his voice.

Moods of Rafi

Another Milestone Achieved

We Thank Government Of India For This Gesture

Government of India in the Ministry of Finance, Department of economic Affairs, Coin and Currency Division has approved the proposal to issue a commemorative coin on the occasion of the Centenary of Late Legendary Singer Padmashri Mohammed Rafi Saheb.

The price is about 10% markup on the amount payable to the Government and also includes special cover released by the Department of Posts, Government of India and specially curated colourful postcard of Rafi Saheb.

The commemorative silver coins, the special cover and the postcard are valuable remembrances of the late Mohammed Rafi Saheb. Since the quantity available is limited, it shall be offered on First cum basis. Those interested can make the payment online and give full details of your address, telephone no. etc.

Rafi commemorative coin

Be The Part Of This Grand Celebration

Those who wish to purchase can use QR code & make payment.
Send screenshot of successful payment with transaction reference with your name, address & phone number on
Whatsapp +91 93215 71095.

It should be noted that coin(s) will be sent only after official release by government,
post general elections.

QR Code for Commemorative Coins

Frequently Asked Questions & Answers

Coins will be officially released after upcoming General Elections, and after new Government is formed. This can be in or after June 2024.

The supply of coins is not unlimited and is triggered by the demand. Therefore, we are asking you to pre-book, with an intention that every Rafi Bhakt (follower) gets the coin(s). There will be other channels to obtain coins directly, if you inquire.

The coins will be allocated on the First Come First Served basis and subject to availability in the sequence of receipt of payment.

Amount paid will be fully refunded to you. We shall ask you for your bank details for processing refund.

Dispatch of coin will be ONLY to domestic (India-based) addresses by SpeedPost or Couriers under intimation to you.

Courier charges will be payable by subscribers on actuals and will be communicated in advance of sending coins.

No. Only local currency is accepted.

No, this is not covered under any warranty scheme.

There three types of releases:

  1. Wooden Box Packing (1 coin) Proof – Rs.4,000
  2. 3-fold Packing (1 coin) UNC – Rs. 3,400
  3. 3-fold Packing (1 coin) Proof – Rs.3,200

Proof coins are the highest quality coins produced by a mint, and are not intended for circulation. They are struck from a new, highly-polished die on a polished planchet, and sometimes in a metal different from a coin of identical denomination struck for circulation.

Proof coinage refers to special early samples of a coin issue, historically made for checking the dies (as in demonstrating that something is true) and for archival purposes. Nowadays proofs are often struck in greater numbers specially for coin collectors (numismatists). Nearly all countries have issued proof coinage.

UNC stands for “uncirculated” and refers to a coin that has never been circulated in the money supply and shows no signs of wear.

Uncirculated coins are legal tender but are not used as money. They can be purchased from a mint, local coin dealer, or bank.

Reserve Bank of India.

Disbursal is being felicitated by Shanmukhananda Fine Arts and Sangeetha Sabha, Mumbai as an intermediary as a part of Mohammed Rafi Birth Centenary Year Celebration during the year 2024.

  1. Those who wish to purchase the coins, should use QR code in the flyer and make payment.
  2. While making payment , he/she must indicate full name and phone number and take screenshot showing transaction reference.
  3. Screenshot along with the full name, address must be sent to WhatsApp number +91 9321571095 using WhatsApp application.

Today as we begin celebrating a milestone that he does not witness, his spirit has enveloped us all around and prods us to celebrate life. We feel like humming a line from one of his many non-filmy songs…

पाँव पडुं तोहे श्याम, ब्रिज में लौट चलो…